A single studio that delivers strategy, design and content with a sense of unique experience for clients

SFERA design is a creative studio with competences in digital signage, non-print and print design. We are here to give life of your originality by supporting with ideas and out of the box design.

Supercharge your visual communication with customers and be engaging


Unique and functional of UI design that impress!

Our services for design are result of artistic approach and knowledge of latest trends in digital technologies.  Thus we unite two different competencies that are necessary to become one whole system for attracting and engaging customers.


Our vision is to be the most experienced and qualified design team with strategic approach in creation of digital content for DS and DCX.


Our mission is to convert the specificity of the customer in functionality and original design.


What inspires us? Every new client is a new world, a new challenge. The originality of each of them is our inspiration.


Our team has artistic education and experienced of creation of content for many different contemporary software platforms. We are professionals in analysis and design for enhancing users’ digital customers’ experience.


We can start a content strategy from scratch but we can also can work with corporate guidelines of logo and other resources usage.


We are the first creative team in Bulgaria with focus on creation of strategy and content for DS and DCX systems. Our projects  really prove that statement that content is king.

Our Crew

Meet Your Creative Team.

SFERA design and creative mind is ready to face your challenges and eager to exchange new ideas for a stunning customer experience result.