The Strategy

Park Center project, a digital signage system that makes your customer feel at the right place at the right time.

If you want to make your customers return to a shopping mall – make an engaging digital signage communication system with relevant, attractive and easy to assume content. We divided the whole time to different slots in order to inform the audience about active promotions and call it to action, to give them common information as weather forecast and last but least to affirm the new brand of the mall. The well structured and targeted content is the key to an engaging user experience.


Park Center Sofia


August, 2016

5 Floor Navigation


The contemporary architecture environment is getting more and more complicated and we all need different visual indications, maps, guides and symbols which help us to navigate and find a concrete place or object we look for. Effective systems for navigation create sensation of safety and security and lessen the level of stress which people feel in a unknown environment.

20+ Greeting Animations


Digital Signage in retails is a key marketing tool for achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Retailers know that the most appropriate points of contact with the customer are the in-store areas, where the majority of purchase decisions are usually taken.

Information Center


Digital media has a strong impact on customers and in general, it helps to create their positive attitude and strengthens their brand loyalty. Today, the customers are looking for more than just buy something they need in the store. Shopping centers impose a new shopping philosophy.

Great Result

What we achieve is the result of our close collaboration. Content is created in the context of customer’s peculiarity as target audience etc.

So What’s Next?

Let’s Work Together.

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